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Nanocoatings Market

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Nanocoatings are used in healthcare, automotive, food and packaging, marine industry, water treatment equipment, electronics, construction, energy and textiles. Nanocoatings have characteristics such as scratch, UV, chemical resistance, low maintenance, anti-corrosion and color and gloss retention among others.

North America dominated global market in 2013, in terms of value. The global nanocoatings market is growing owing to the huge demand from medical and automotive coatings industry. Growth in the coatings sector coupled with rising demand, urbanization in BRIC countries has been driving the global market in the past few years. Additionally, European governments have stringent regulations associated with coatings industry due to VOCs content. Nanocoatings offer environmental benefits due to low VOCs in it resulting in more demand in upcoming years.

Nanocoatings Market Share, by Region, 2013

Nanocoatings Market

Source: MarketsandMarkets Analysis

Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the fastest growing market for nanocoatings in the coming years. The demand for nanocoatings is likely to increase in Asia Pacific due to growing automotive and electronics industry.

Though global Nanocoatings market is highly fragmented, major players are located in the developed countries. Demand from the emerging markets is likely to remain robust in the coming five years, due to rising awareness about the benefits of Nanocoatings. Major players have prominent presence in the developing countries.

This report analyzes the global nanocoatings market along with detailed segmentation on the basis of its major types, along with its forecast till 2019. This report discusses in detail, major supply and demand factors affecting this market on the global, regional, and country level.

The dominant players in Nanocoatings market are Bio-Gate AG (Germany), Buhler PARTEC GmbH (Germany), Nanogate AG (Germany), P2i Ltd.(U.K.), Nanofilm Ltd.(U.S.) and Inframat Corporation (U.S.).

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